Fine Cured Meats From Our Traditional Butchery in Apulia


Company information:

Company Name: Qualità per passione - Macellai 1974
Owner Name: Antonio Santucci
Founded on: 1974
VAT No.: 0000000000
Number of employees: 2-5

Company location:

via Giacomo Matteotti, 1

Company description:

A Local Family Butchery Since 1974

"On August 1, 2017, my little reality was born. I took over the management and the operation of our small almost historical butchery shop open by my father in 1974.

Since 1974 in the Province of Foggia, near the Gargano. I have been dealing with local meat since my father took me with him, in the summer afternoons, it will have been the year '87 / 88 and since then, even if I graduated as a commercial expert, I have never stopped.

Given my young age I can already boast more than twenty years of experience in the sector and developing my passion for cured meats, "abusing" my father's experience and skills I have created, for the moment, "only" some cured meats which have already been awarded the category Oscar at the Puglia Food Awards.

My top products are, sausage, soppressata (a kind of typical salami) produced from the noble part of the pig, the leg. Bacon, capocollo e Guanciale. 

All my products are obtained from local meats, carefully selected from trusted farmers.

We only use natural ingredients and artisan drying make my products easily digestible, with a delicate flavour and not very fatty.

The cured meats are produced with strictly local  carefully selected and chosen, from controlled farms. Tradition has allowed me to preserve the Gargano recipes of my ancestors, and I have the pleasure of showing them to you.

Enjoy my products and don't forget to let me know if you liked them!

Antonio Santucci.

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